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Our Policies

Classroom Etiquette | Safety in the Classroom | Parking Protocol | Snow Policy | Waiting Room Etiquette.I Makeup Policy 

Students should not arrive any earlier than 10 min. before class begins. Please read the Parking Protocol below!!

The studio may not be open until about 15 min. before a class starts. (Likely for AM classes & 1st PM class of the day)

Younger dancers should be accompanied by a parent or guardian in the waiting room until the teacher invites them in. Please do not let the children knock on the door to get a teachers attention. Teachers may need the last few minutes before class to prepare music & notes to make your child's class the best it can be.

Dance Studio in Franklin, MA

Classroom Etiquette
No students or siblings are allowed in a dance rooms without a teachers permission & or presence.

Street shoes should go in the cubbies in the main waiting area.

  • All combo classes do TAP first every week.
  • Please help your child tie their shoes securely before class starts.
  • Bring all other dance shoes (labeled w/ name) into the dance room; only when your teacher is ready.
  • It is helpful to have a bag to hold shoes in & to keep from getting mixed up with other students shoes.

BATHROOM REMINDERS: Please remind your dancer to go to the bathroom before class (at home if possible). It can become a ripple effect if one student goes, they all need to go. This takes away from class time & can become very disruptive.

Bathrooms are close to both dance studios, however it is not possible for a teacher to leave the room to assist your child with the bathroom. If you do not plan to stay in waiting room during class, please be sure your child can
handle the bathroom on their own.

Safety in the Classroom

NO street shoes allowed on the dance floor!!!!
NO one is allowed in the dance room without a teacher's permission.
NO student will be allowed to leave the dance room once class begins. (unless a parent request them to leave)
NO RUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once class begins students will have direct supervision by their teacher at all times.

There will be a viewing monitor in the waiting area if you choose to watch your child's class. Parents do not have to stay during class time. (However please be prompt picking up your child at the end of class.) Teachers are not responsible to babysit after class is dismissed.

Class Length:

  • Pre-school & pre-k classes are 50 min.
  • Beg. classes are 1hr.
  • Int. & Adv. classes vary by class.


Waiting Room Etiquette

We have a significant size waiting room & are happy to have you stay & watch your child via closed circuit TV.

However please follow these guidelines:

  • You should always be courteous to others who are waiting as well.
  • Use regular speaking voices & use cell phones outside.
  • Use & have children use headphones if listening to movies,music, games etc.
  • Siblings should be properly supervised at all times.
  • The waiting area is not a playground!! There are, however, playgrounds/fields located less than 5 min. from the studio if they need to get out & burn off energy.
  • Do not allow siblings to run around, climb on furniture, remove cushions from seats or rough house.
  • Digital toys, books, coloring books or a few small items to keep them busy are recommended.
  • All toys should be cleaned up about 10 min. before class ends so traffic in & out will not be affected.

Please leave the waiting area in the same condition it was in when you arrive.

Important Food/Drinks Notices:

If you bring food or beverages please pick up after yourselves. Crumbs will bring in ants & we do not have a maid service between classes. (There will is a small hand held vacuum on the shelf under the viewing monitor)

IMPT NOTE: Always ask others around you if there are food allergies & please keep small children in 1 spot while eating to eliminate crumbs.

There are also restaurants like Subway & Papa Ginos nearby where they are set up for eating with tables & chairs.


Parking Protocol

Please use the parking lot to the left of our building (if you are looking at it from Rt. 140) The town has made it clear that there cannot be any parking on Lewis St. for any reason at any time.

Note: The small parking lot on Lewis St. where the dumpsters are) is for FIM staff only.

Pick up Reminders:

  • Please be prompt at pick up & come into the waiting room.
  • Students no matter what age are not allowed wait outside the building for rides.
  • Use of mobile devices are great for alerting older students you are in the parking lot.

PLEASE remind them of this important safety issue often.


Snow Policy

Since we have families from different towns & school systems, we do not specifically follow the Franklin School's closing decisions. See policy to the right & let us know if you have any questions.

Also I wanted to mention that my landlord is in charge of snow removal & plowing at our building. Over the past 3.5 yrs. it has not always been the best. However the staff & myself (& often some very kind parents) do our best to keep the front walk way as safe as possible. It does however get slippery, so please be careful entering & exiting the building.

There is sand/ice mix inside the front door of the studio. If staff is teaching & walkway is bad please feel free to address the situation.

A studio wide email message will be sent & an announcement will be posted by 8 AM on our website the morning of any significant storm to inform you if dance classes have been cancelled.

Sometimes morning storms clear by mid day, therefore a second message will be left by 2:00 PM regarding after school & evening classes.

Please use good judgment & call ahead during inclement weather - 508-520-0054.


Makeup Policy:

FIM is closed during school vacations & many major holidays. Tuition already takes into account these scheduled closures. There may be an unscheduled closure due to a studio emergency or inclement weather. In those instances we will try our best to reschedule a class on another day or time or during a school vacation. A makeup class is not always convenient for the entire class & if most can not attend it will not be made up.


Makeup options:


Anytime your child is absent whether it is for a scheduled closure or a miss due to sickness or personal obligation, they are encouraged (NOT MANDATORY) to come to a comparable age/level class on another day, within 2 weeks of missing. If your child is absent & you would like to schedule a makeup or in the event of a prolonged absence (more than 2 weeks in a row) please email FIM Administration  feetinmotiondance@gmail.com 

We also ask that you use our Report a Student Absent Form. 


Frequently missed classes:


If a student misses class frequently (especially nearer to recital season) a meeting may be requested with parents to discuss the need to schedule private lessons (additional fee) to get a student caught up. Frequent absences impact the entire class, therefore regular attendance in your child’s own class is very important. Please try to limit misses to 2 or 3 per. dance season.



Thank you in advance for your
help in keeping our students safe!




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